Introducing Medina
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The competition is on…but is it worth all the drama to be on top? Medina is in her final weeks of her grade 8 year. She is determined to be the queen of the eighth grade. Medina has spent her first few years at Ford Jr. High School as a quiet high achiever, but this year something is different. This year she has discovered that her voice matters and her goals reach further than herself. Now the phrase, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, has new meaning to her.

Explore a day in the life of Medina by eaves-dropping on her inner most thoughts and meeting her friends.

Fourteen-chapter teen fiction about Medina’s metamorphosis from a shy introvert into an expressive leader. This story is one day in the life of Medina. It speaks to the emotional, social and academic growth that occurs in students when facilitated by exceptional teachers and supported by strong role models in the home.

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