Human is the Race,
Woman is an Experience


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Human is the Race, Woman is an Experience   iam mai © dg 2009

amazoniam mai has been writing poetry since the age of 15.  She started slowly with the issues that preoccupy most 15 year olds such as love, hate, passion, questions to God and the complexity of on-going changes.  The compilations of these poems are from that tender age till now.  The poems have changed in their content and complexity. However, the poems still focus on whatever iam mai is experiencing. In part it is an autobiographical look at iam mai’s inner thoughts and struggles, celebrations and disappointments. It is raw and savoury, pensive and probing. Once told that her essays and prose were rhythmic and poetic, she dissected her work in an attempt to extract the poetic rhythms. Now, iam mai is pleased to embrace the ways in which she expresses her social, political, and humanistic view points. Poetry, lyrics, and art are the formats that these messages are delivered in, from the creative intelligence. iam mai is a messenger through which the meaning is being told.

Rebirth of a Nation (Excerpt)
Iam mai © November 4, 2008
DG All rights reserved

I never thought that I
Would live to see the day
Not based on the turbulent road
We were forced to face
More than 500 years
On this continent
Well within these United States

Hasn’t it been 40 years or more
Since we changed Civil Rights laws
And since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,
Has been called home
To meet our Lord
And over 100 years since Booker T.
Was invited beyond the gates
To well within the White House walls
And Sojourner Truth
Some 50 years before
Stated in a political assembly
“Ain’t I a Woman?”
In her bid for equality


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Woman is an Experience”