Mai’s Story

Who am I?  No…who am I really?  For my creative and artistic purposes I am Mai.   iam that iam.  I am all that I create.  I am all that is within me and all that is without.  I am a once closeted artist, writer, designer and lyricist.  I am an always pensive, contemplative, inquisitive, observer.  I am, as has been told to me, an often quiet seemingly passive participant.  Yes, I am outing myself.  I am introducing me, in part through art, text and song and my hope is that you will engage in my inquiry, artistry, poetry and prose and leave having more insight into you.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep.”
Scott Adams

Creativity is one of God’s greatest gifts to me. And for this gift, I am truly grateful. It fills me with great joy and happiness at one moment and gut wrenching sadness in the next. Creativity, through grace, enables me to express a plethora of emotions through paintings, designs, words and songs, while inspiration avails me with new avenues to explore and new territories to uncover. Through art I attempt to deconstruct visions, inspirations and dreams and restructure them in new scapes; land or societal or sky, using pigments as my instrument of choice and using fabric or canvas as the receptacle upon which they are held.

As I explore questions through art, it answers nothing. Instead it elevates my queries and leads me into more uncertainty. But I continue to delve into the conversations held between me and the divine in hopes of gaining new understanding and insights into that which is greater than I. The process both invigorates and provokes anxiety in me. I am never quite sure what it is I am doing, or how I will get to where I am led and quite often in the midst of the process, doubt introduces itself and tries to convince me that what lies before me is disastrous. Only with time have I allowed myself to be bolstered with courage which in turn allows me to forge ahead. I have learned that those so called disastrous, unplanned, blemishes on canvas, as in life, are the very things that make art worth loving and life worth living. Though I begin each piece with some inspiration and blind faith, I am not completely without influence on the final product. My outpourings are always a reflection of my inner workings. Everything I create is firstly an interchange between the divine and myself, secondly an attempt at self discovery and thirdly a dialogue with the viewer. I am encapsulated within every piece and the monologue I had prior to the creation of the work begs for the viewers gaze then query…ah, a dialogue has begun.

Donna M. Guerra, Artist