testipic1“Donna’s use of vibrant colours and exaggerated facial features creates a unique and radiant vision of friendship. What I love most about this painting is that when I look at it, I feel the warmth of what friendship brings to my life.”- Sandra




testipic2“Donna’s artwork is truly beautiful and inspirational. You can easily notice that her heart and soul is filled in each piece. Her artwork is in my two offices and her personal attention to detail as well as her desire to satisfy her clients is exceptional. Donna Guerra is a great artist who is blessed with an exceptional talent. Thank you Donna for making my offices truly inviting and invigorating spaces.” Dr. Browne



“The essence of a proud woman is captured in the art piece of an African woman that I own. In this piece the African woman is looking forward with pride and strength. This resonates personally with me and I feel this is beautifully depicted in this piece.

The artist’s respect for women is clearly evident in her portrayal of the African woman’s beauty and strength.

This work is congruent with my personal taste and speaks to my view of a woman.

I am Mai is very adept in conveying a message through her work and I feel this is the hallmark of a very talented artist. ” – Sharon