Are You Family?
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“Little Xavion had been asking the same question for two whole days.
His mother answered him the way she had each and every time he had asked.
“Not yet Xavi, but soon your cousins will be here to celebrate your special day.”

This story is based on a little boy’s discovery of his extended family. The story is narrated through the little boy’s voice. He is beginning to understand that the members of his family may not necessarily look like his mother, father, sister or him, but they are, nonetheless, his family.

This story speaks to the innocence of childhood and the discoveries that we make along the way. Xavion’s family is comprised of people of different ethnic backgrounds. His parents are both bi-racial from different ethic groups. Xavion is used to seeing them and himself and does not notice the difference in them. However, when family members from both sides of his parents’ family come to celebrate his birthday, he questions, “Are you fably?”


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iam mai © 05 DG”