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As a professional artist you may question why I am creating nameplates. I know the difficulty in finding ones name on plaques when it is a unique name or a unique way of spelling ones name. My two children have names that are both unique in their origin as well as in their spelling. It was a constant reminder of their disappointment and deflated sense of self each and every time they could not find their names with all others that were represented. They felt that they were not included and that their names were therefore not normal. So when I was able to create custom made nameplates for them with their particular interests and favourite colors in mind, they knew without a doubt that they were loved, valued and represented.
Nameplates are not only for people with uniquely spelled names, it is for everyone. Who among us does not like to be treated as a unique and special individual? We all appreciate when special attention is paid to our individual likes and values and when special care and attention is given to us in the form of a gift. So, I know that I am at nameplates, and I know that you could be there too.

For younger children their nameplates are framed, matted, and have glass to protect the art work. For all others it’s framed on a black surface with the canvases sitting on top. There is a wood stretcher at the back for hanging purposes.


Each canvas will be hand painted by the artist. Each nameplate will be signed by the artist. You may select two colours that are the child’s or young adult’s favourite as well as list the intended recipient’s favourite pastime or activity. I will then incorporate as much of this into the final product as possible.

Shipping and Handling

Due to the varying weight and size of Nameplates, please be aware should you be interested in ordering a Name Plate, Shipping costs will be invoiced by email to all customers who place an order once weight and size have been determined. All payments will be made through Pay Pal.

Shipping rates include Handling.


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